Friday, May 28, 2010

White fire meditation

So, it's 1.00pm on Saturday - I can either walk back into the dark house and clean it or jump in the car and drive north, into the sun.  Not much of a choice, really.

I end up at Melaleuca, an eco-backpackers' resort at Anna Bay, Port Stephens, complete with it's own orphan kangaroo hopping about helping strangers become friends. 

I arrive late afternoon and after one false start locate the beach with a warm rock to sit on that would catch the last of the afternoon sun - of course, I can't sit still once I see the golden light.

Later that night beer and chocolate nuts see me watching movies and chatting with international travellers taking time out from jobs in international development, mental health and being online whizz-kids.  A proper backpackers holiday, only in 24 hours or less!

Next morning, white fire meditation in sand dunes - pure, vast. 

A swim in a buffeting ocean and a wander around markets in my cossies with sea salt skin and sand everywhere.  Arrive home 4.00pm Sunday afternoon, walking slowly and smiling from the inside.

How's the location of this cafe?


  1. Hey Deborah

    Those cloudscapes are absolutely sensational. I really like them, they are surreal. Beautiful tonality to them. I also really like the grass against the sand backdrop.

    For seascapes I would have preferred a slower shutter speed to simplify the water a bit but I like the overall setting, lovely colours on the rocks.


  2. Yeah - the vastness of that landscape with the sand dunes and open sky was incredible..

  3. Really, really nice Deb. You have a great talent.

  4. Very beautiful pics Deb,I really like the grass shot and you have some wonderful blue's in the water shots.
    Thanks for the blog as well, it's nice to see the world through other people's eye's.

  5. So that's what Anna Bay looks like! I went there with a group of single girls back in the day. I remember the local RSL, a team of roundy footballers, beer, sharing secrets and a late Sunday breakfast. That was the end of my single life – I met Johnny just five days later.

  6. Rachel - yes, this is the wide open spaces version of Anna Bay - sounds like you did the people and places version. Sounds like a bunch of fun... and 'go' meeting the love of your life. Bring it on, I say!

  7. Thanks anonymous friend - yes, I love sometimes to go out with other photograhers and see how differently we each engage with what is there and express it..